Talks and Conferences

Recent talks


09.09.2016, Conference: “Global Taxation and Democratic Legitimacy”, ECPR General Conference, Prague

15.07.2016, Conference: “Europe Today: Normative Challenges”, Justitia Amplificata, Frankfurt

24.06.2016, Conference: “Kapitalismus und Demokratie”, DVPW und Schader Stiftung, Darmstadt

15.-20.05.2016, Summer School Lectures: “Theory and Practice of Public Policy”, Indira Gandhi Institute, Mumbai, India

11.03.2016, Political Theory Workshop, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

18.02.2016, Conference: “Normative Interventions”, University College London

18.01.2016, Political Philosophy Colloquium, Freie Universität Berlin


01.12.2015, Political Philosophy Colloquium, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf

19.11.2015, Colloquium of Graduate Programme “Climate Change Uncertainties“, Graz University

10.11.2015, Guest Lecture: “Ethics of Sovereign Debt”, Blavatnik School of Government, Oxford University

08.10.2015, Conference: “Finance and Philosophy”, Cambridge University

16.09.2015, Conference: Gesellschaft für Analytische Philosophie (GAP 9), Osnabrück University

13.06.2015, Conference: “International Relations, Human Rights and Global Governance”, Fudan University Shanghai

27.05.2015, Guest Lecture: “Finance and Philosophy”, Bayreuth University

25.05.2015, Workshop: “The Ideal of Democracy and the Reality of Sovereign Debt”, Cambridge University

14.05.2015, Political Theory Research Seminar, Oxford University

13.05.2015, Conference: “Changing Nature of Political Obligation”, University College London

11.05.2015, Workshop: “Exploitation”, Queen Mary University London

07.05.2015, Practical Philosophy Colloquium, Leiden University

14.02.2015, Workshop: “Structural Injustice”, Wissenschaftskolleg Berlin

08.01.2015, Conference: “The Ethics of Economic Institutions”, Utrecht University

Conferences organized

28./29.01.2016, “Global Tax Justice”, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

25./26.06.2015, “Territory, Land and Justice”, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

29./30.05.2014, “Marxism and Global Justice”, London School of Economics

Forum for European Philosophy Events (at London School of Economics)

01.12.2014, “Ethics Matters in Climate Change”, with John Broome

27.11.2014, “On Progress and Human Development”, with Paul Anand, Catherine Audard and Jo Wolff

13.11.2014, “Ethics Matters in the Family”, with Adam Swift

29.10.2014, “The Infrastructure of Democracy”, with Philip Pettit

03.06.2014, “On Making a Difference and Choosing a Career”, with Will MacAskill

20.02.2014, “On Exploitation”, with Hillel Steiner and Nicholas Vrousalis

13.02.2014, “Ethics Matters in War”, with Jeff McMahan and Cecile Fabre